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J-BAY 10

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Check out my Bells training program. Let’s see how it worked in a couple of days.

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Laurie Towners Mix Bag-O-Lollies from Laurie Towner on Vimeo.


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Kirra for me is the best wave in the world, hands down, and the idea of replacing it with a cruise ship terminal is just madness.

You can’t put a dollar figure on what Kirra is worth to the local community. What it gives to the town and to the Gold Coast and to anyone who visits here can’t be measured in dollars. How much is a Kirra barrel worth? It’s priceless. The place is a gift from nature and it’s why people travel from all around the world to come here. It’s special, and we’re so lucky to have it in our backyard that the idea of building over the top of it just seems sacrilegious. The wave will be destroyed, there is nothing more certain, and who knows what the proposed development will do to the sand flow that supplies all the Gold Coast beaches to the north that are the lifeblood of the coast and are already under erosion pressure.

Kirra doesn’t belong to anyone; it belongs to everyone. The coast here belongs to the people. Kirra belongs to the kids, the swimmers, the surfers, the walkers, and the people who just enjoy the beach. It belongs to the local community and the visitors who come here to experience the beauty of the place. It doesn’t belong to developers or cruise ships or casino owners or anyone who is trying to make money by destroying it.

I also believe that whatever the Gold Coast stands to gain by this type of development going ahead anywhere on our coast, it stands to lose even more by the damage it will do to the coast’s natural gifts. I fully understand the Gold Coast needs to grow and we need to create jobs, but we need to be smart and progressive about it. We need to understand what’s unique and beautiful about our city and what brings people here in the first place, and we need development that compliments this. I’m trusting the people we’ve elected to look after our city and our state will see this and will act to protect Kirra.

I was lucky to grow up surfing here at Kirra, and I want my kids to be able to do the same. I don’t want to sit on Kirra hill with my daughters and my son in 10 years time and look out over a giant boat harbour and tell them that the best wave in the world used to break just over there, but it’s gone now and it will never come back and they’ll never get the chance to surf it. That would be heartbreaking. I urge the local community and surfers all around the world to stand up and be heard. Kirra has to be saved.