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A ninth in New York… surfing well but half a point from the quarters must’ve been bittersweet?

Joel: Hang on, I’m just trying to throw a grape across the room so my daughter can catch it in her mouth. Here we go… noooo! She missed it. It’s like working in the circus here sometimes.

New York?

I guess it was bittersweet, I dunno. I didn’t make too many errors in that heat but there wasn’t a lot of opportunity in that heat, what you got was what you got. You had to take off blind with a lot of them – you had no idea what those waves were going to do.

Your thoughts going into Trestles?

I’m looking forward to it. I think everyone is. You know the right waves to catch at Trestles, you don’t have to hope so much when you take off like you do in beachbreaks. You take off knowing it’s the right wave. A lot of it was hope in New York because you never know what a beachbreak was going to do, whereas Trestles you know which waves are going to be good and which ones aren’t.

Do you enjoy staying in San Clemente?

I love San Clemente. We’ve been staying here for years and the place has got such a good vibe to it. It’s just this cool little village in the middle of all this chaos. We’re actually staying in a place owned by the Aussie guy who starred in Prison Break.

What are your thoughts on the three new guys on tour?

It’s awesome. It would have been really good to see Yades there, but John John’s such a talented surfer that I can’t wait to see him. I’m claiming he’ll blow minds. And Medina and Pupo will be unbelievable, especially here and through Europe. But I can deadset see John John winning the Pipe Masters this year, but not only that, he’ll be dangerous here as well. And getting on tour so young gives him a few years to learn the ropes. He’ll be really good.

There’s some new names up the top of the ratings after New York.

For sure, definitely. It’s good to see Owen up there. But I’m just glad no one’s run away with it and it’s still wide open and it’s there to be won by someone.

After a 25th and a 9th, how important is a result at Trestles for you?

For sure, it’s a big event for me. But I think being one of my favourite waves it’s one I’m hoping to get a result on.

Are you happy with your surfing?

I am, my freesurfing form has been really good, and I’m happy with the way I’m surfing heats. In New York I had heats that were wave-starved, whereas at Trestles you can get those consistent heats where you can relax back into your surfing and let your surfing talk more. And I’ve got an amazing 5’11”, an amazing one. I haven’t had a bad surf on it yet so fingers crossed it stays that way.