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The scariest thing seen at Teahupoo on the big day.


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The tower is just hanging in there.

I went out on a ski early this morning with Freddie and Cory to check it out, and I’ve never seen anything like it. They were the biggest waves I’ve ever seen in my life. When Raimana is call it 20 foot you know it’s big. There were a couple of guys towing, but it was so sketchy. We went over one and looked down on Raimana who was standing in chest deep water on the reef. We were like two storeys above him and he was right where the left meets the right on the corner of the reef. I almost felt sick. Raimana had his vest blown off but luckily all he ended up with was a huge reef rash down one side. A Brazilian guy had his knee bending both ways. But it’s basically not surfable this morning, and Raimana has apparently just told everyone to stop towing as its just too big, the biggest he’s ever seen Chopes. I’m just about to grab a paddleboard and head and and watch it for a while from the channel… you don’t get chances to see the ocean like this too often.

Deano showed up with Koby last night. They're riding Dusty's ski and had two life vests between them, both of which Deano wanted.

The new right out the front of the house.

The new ocean out the front of the house.

The point has been underwater most of the morning with a grade five current ripping across it. Perfect for the kids to play in.



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A clip from a trip Parko did with Mick Fanning and Koby Abberton recently