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The Bounty. //Frank

I love people-watching in Bali. It’s a real contrasting place because the whole world goes there for a holiday. You see all sorts from all corners of the world. Aussie boofheads with sunburned Euros, surfers drinking Bintang in a bar posted up next to Germans smoking cigars, all having a good time. And then there are the locals. You always feel like you’re in Bali when you see a family of four riding past on a motorbike. You’re never going to run out of interesting shit to see in Bali.
I’ve had a couple of good stacks on motorbikes in Bali too, seen my life flash before my eyes a couple of times. Once on Nusa Lembongan I did a jump on a bike with Shagga on the back and nearly killed us. The other time I was out the front of The Bounty. I was trying to get my bike out from amongst 50 other bikes all tightly packed together. I couldn’t get it to budge and I’ve fallen over the side of the bike and dominoed all the bikes lined up next to it. It was seriously like out of the movies, and I’ve jumped on my bike and bolted just as security has come running over. – Joel

[Excerpt from Parko+Friends , photo Jon Frank]



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